Moviestorm 1.5 FAQ

Why can’t I draw walls/ paint the floor/ alter my terrain?
Moviestorm 1.5 now requires that you press a modifier key when using any of these tools. With the relevant tool selected, hold down the shift key and click-drag to use these tools.

Why doesn’t the timeline playback when I press the “Enter” key on the keyboard?
This keyboard shortcut has been replaced with the Spacebar key, in line with many other applications.

Why can’t I place my character on set?
Left and right mouse buttons have been reversed in many situations to speed up workflow and bring Moviestorm’s controls in line with other common applications.

How do I revert to Moviestorm Version 1.4?
In the unlikely situation that Moviestorm 1.5 has problems with a movie that you were working on with Moviestorm 1.4, you can reinstall the earlier version. Dont save your movie with 1.5 if you want to work on it again with 1.4

I reloaded my scene, but none of the prop videos playback correctly?
Moviestorm now uses a completely different engine for playback of on-set videos (avi and webm files). You may have to re-encode your original movies to the WebM standard to play them on props within Moviestorm.