Publishing Licenced Mods Overview

Getting a Modder's Licence
You can now create your Modder's licence in the Launcher, or delete an existing mod licence (you would need to delete the local version too).
Note - if you have published packs that require a licence, and then delete the modder licence that was used to publish the packs, you will not be able to grant licences to those packs, and users will not be able to use those packs, until you re-create a new modder's licence with the name name as the one you deleted.

Publishing a pack
In the modder's workshop, normally you would log in with your modder's licence, and publish a pack to not require a licence.
Instead, you can tick the 'Requires a licence' tick box, and publish it so that it does require a licence. The pack will only be usable by Moviestorm accounts that you grant the licence to.
It's a good idea to put in a url if you have a website relating to mods, so that users who get the mod and cannot use it (because it needs a licence) can see how to get in contact with you.
To be able to grant licences to your pack, you need it to exist on our server.
On the publish dialog, click the 'Manage Licences' button, and fill in the Content pack name (if different from the ID), and a description, the click 'Save on Server', which creates a content pack.

You can then grant a licence for that pack to specific users. It would be a good place to start to give yourself a licence, so you can test your pack.

When users buy (or you otherwise deem them suitable to recieve a licence to the pack), you need to go to the modder's workshop, log in with your publisher licence, and bring up the Manage Licences dialogue, select the pack they are getting, and type in their username and grant them a licence.
You then need to get them a copy of the packed content pack, or give them a url to download it.