Are previous versions of Moviestorm still available?

Yes, although these versions of the software are now entirely unsupported.

Official Moviestorm Content Packs, and movies created with newer versions of Moviestorm, will be incompatible with these older versions.

Moviestorm 1.2

Download Moviestorm 1.2 for Windows or Mac. You will need to unzip this file into the installation folder to compensate for our server changes since 1.2 was new.

Moviestorm 1.3

Download Moviestorm 1.3 for Windows or Mac.

Once you have installed this version, you will need to replace the boot properties so that Moviestorm can continue installing files.
On a PC:
Place it in your new 1.2 install, eg in
C:/Program Files/Moviestorm/boot/
It should replace the existing one.

On a mac
Right click on your new Moviestorm 1.2 application, and choose Show Package Contents
Then browse to Contents/Resources/boot and replace the existing with this new one.

Moviestorm 1.4

Download Moviestorm 1.4 installer:
Install it; when you get offered an Update button, instead close Moviestorm and replace the following files into your install:
PC: If you installed to C:/Program Files/Moviestorm-1.4 then replace
C:/Program Files/Moviestorm-1.4/boot/ with this one:

Mac: Right click on the you installed and select Show Package Contents.
Replace Contents/Resources/boot/ with this one:

Moviestorm Education and Moviestorm Schools

Download and install the relevant version; these don't try to update, so no further changes are required.