Graphical problems

Any of these problems:
I can't click on things on set!
I cant place things on set!
The colours are all wrong.
Moviestorm crashes when I place a prop on set.

Windows users may need to update your graphics drivers to the latest versions.

If you have ATI graphics go to

If you have NVidia graphics, go to

If you have Intel graphics, go to

If you dont know what graphics you have, the DirectX Diagnostics can tell you:
WinXP: Start->Run, then type dxdiag
Vista, Win7: Start, then type dxdiag in the search
Once DirectX Diagnostics has started, click 'Save all Information' and save out the dxdiag.txt, which you can send to us.
On the Display tab of DirectX Diagnostics it should say the Manufacturer of your computers graphics hardware.