What limitations can I expect if my computer does not meet the suggested hardware requirements?

Moviestorm is a processor-, memory- and graphics-intensive program. While it will run on most modern computer systems (both Mac and PC), we recommend that you refer to our system requirements to ensure that it will run smoothly on your machine.
If your graphics hardware does not meet our recommended specifications you may experience one or more of the following errors whilst using Moviestorm:

  • Lack of shadows on set.
  • Depth of Field not enabling.
  • Particle effects rendering incorrectly.
  • Lens flares not displaying.
  • Normal and Specular maps not displaying on characters and props (reduced quality tetxures).
  • Trees and other plants not swaying in the wind.
  • Weather effects not working.

If you experience any of these issues, please upgrade your hardware to meet the minimum requirements.