Where can I find out more about Moviestorm

To keep up to date with what we're doing, here are a few other places to check:

  • Forums - news from us as well as a very active community of users. They can often help you if you have problems.
  • Moviestorm news - what we're doing and other useful information.
  • Development blog - behind the scenes at Moviestorm, with occasional glimpses of what's coming up
  • Facebook - we have a growing fan site, where we post links to cool movies, useful resources, and news of what we're up to. There are other Moviestorm Facebook groups too.
  • Twitter - if you really want to know everything right as it happens, follow us!
  • YouTube - all our latest videos. You can search on "moviestorm" to find other Moviestorm movies too!
  • Flickr - send us your stills and videos!