My "Wait" button doesn't change to a "Start" button?

Wait button never changes into Start button - Moviestorm cant find the users home folder. This can happen if the user cannot write to the computers drive, and there isnt a network location being easily identified for Moviestorm to save to.
You can change the place Moviestorm tries to save its configuration information.
You need to set the environment variable MOVIESTORM_PROFILE to be the name of a folder where Moviestorm can save things for the user.

That folder needs to be created for each user using Moviestorm - possibly start moviestorm using a batch process that creates the folder if it doesnt exist yet.

On windows (XP service pack 2 or any newer version) you can use
Where 'Z:\Moviestorm' identifies a folder in the users home network drive - you may need to change this based on the mapping used on your network.
On Mac OS X, please read