Updating Moviestorm Education Versions

Moviestorm Education does not update automatically.
To update Moviestorm Education Unlimited, or Moviestorm Education Junior, you need to download the full installer for the updated Moviestorm Education version from one of our download pages:
http://www.moviestorm.co.uk/hub/download_edu_unlimited (for older students)
http://www.moviestorm.co.uk/hub/download_edu_junior (for younger students)

Windows: The windows version of the installer can be installed over an existing Moviestorm Education of the same sort (Unlimited or Junior). This preserves any mods that users have installed.

Mac: As an administrator on your computer system, you would normally need to remove the existing install, by
Dragging it to trash before installing the new version.
Warning - this removes any mods that are installed. DO NOT REMOVE EXISTING INSTALLS if the users have mods on them. Instead, rename the old version, then install the new version; both versions can coexist on a computer at once.
Users may then copy over mods from one version to the newer version.
User addons are installed or created in the AddOn folder within an install, and users can copy folders for individual addons from the old version to the new version. They should only copy over folders that do not exist in the new versions Addon folder already - those are the ones that are mods; ones that already exist in the new version are the ShortFuze addons that have been updated to the new version.

Once the newly downloaded version is installed, if you have a site licence or multiple concurrent licence, also see
to install the site or multiple licence.